bannerimageIt is with great pleasure that we announce the 1st Symposium on Current Topics in Molecular Biophysics, to be held on the campus of the Universidade de São Paulo, on May 21-23, 2014. This event will bring together leading experts in experimental and theoretical approaches applied to fundamental questions in molecular biology. There will also be oral presentations by selected junior scientists (graduate students, post-docs and young faculty), poster presentations, and numerous networking opportunities. This intimate conference is intended to stimulate discussion across disciplinary lines and foster new collaborations that will bridge our perspectives of molecular biology, which span across many length and time scales.

This year, there will be invited speakers from 10 countries, whose specialties include: spectroscopy, molecular simulations, physical chemistry, single-molecule methods and statistical mechanics.

We have already confirmed an excellent set of speakers, with more to come:

Alexander Schug: Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (Germany)
Ana Maria de Costa Ferreira: USP São Paulo (Brazil)
Antonio Araujo: Universidade de Brasília (Brazil)
Carla Mattos: Northeastern University (USA)
Cecilia Clementi: Rice University (USA)
Changbong Hyeon: Korea Institute for Advanced Study (Korea)
David Wales: University of Cambridge (UK)
Diego Ferreiro: University of Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Garegin Papoian: University of Maryland (USA)
Hue Sun Chan: University of Toronto (Canada)
Jin Wang: State Key Laboratory of Electroanalytical Chemistry (China) and SUNY Stony Brook (USA)
José Nelson Onuchic: Rice University (USA)
Kaline Coutinho: USP São Paulo (Brazil)
Koby Levy: Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel)
Mark Williams: Northeastern University (USA)
Mikael Oliveberg: Stockholm University (Sweden)
Patricia Jennings: University of California, San Diego (USA)
Paul Whitford: Northeastern University (USA)
Paulo Carloni: Institute for Advanced Simulation (Germany)
Rachel Nechushtai: Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel)
Richard Garrat: USP São Carlos (Brazil)
Roberto Salinas: USP São Carlos (Brazil)
Scott Hennelly: Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA)
Shaker Chuck Farah: USP São Paulo (Brazil)

We would like to thank the following institutes and agencies for generous support, which has made this event possible: